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Verifying claims such as medical claim, death claim investigation for ensuring that there is no false information given by claimant, our team available across the Middle East, Asia and other countries.


Insurance industry is a enormous sector and most of the countries are associated with Insurance sector for many different fields. Every year, insurance industry bear million-billion dollars of loss due to fraudulent claims and it increase every year. Many of the organizations or Individuals legitimately redeem the claims by using fake evidences, documents etc., indeed they can show the fake death certificates of the claimant to redeem the claim. We have our trained investigators who are experienced in detecting the insurance frauds and many of our clients are using our reliable services to avoid such kind of frauds which can cause them to loss their billions. We have our investigators in each country in Asia- Pacific, Middle- East, Europe, African areas where we can do physical verification and verify documents which has submitted for claim. We are fully capable for investigating the fraudulent claim of any kind.

Our list of services is mentioned below

Life insurance claim investigations: We shall completely verify the complete situation or circumstances of the claimant’s death, Police records, site visits etc.

Accidental benefits/death claim investigations: We shall investigate about the accident and will be checked from hospital records, site, vehicles, police records etc.

Property damage claim investigations: We shall verify the complete incident by which property has damaged and evaluate the loss.

Travel insurance claim investigations: Most of the travel insurance claim is associated with medical claim, we shall verify each and every detail of the whole situations.

Medical claim investigations: We thoroughly verify the complete details of the illness by hospitals, clinics, doctors etc.

As above mentioned, along with these kind of claims, we do investigate other kind of insurance investigations as well. We do provide medical facilitation services if required by claimant in any other country, we have our team who can help the claimant in hospitals, with doctors etc.

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