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Process servers available in 100+ countries to serve Legal or court documents like Divorce documents, complaint summons, family court documents or any kind of documents anywhere across the world.


We are providing the process services through our trained and experienced process servers across the globe. We have our process servers available even in remotest location where we can assist you by delivering your legal documents. Most of the documents are related to Family & Marriage disputes, corporate disputes, personal disputes and we have expertise for serving each kind of documents. As per each country laws, there is difference in each country’s rules and regulation for the processing of legal documents. Our local agents are experienced to handle the complex cases as well where the defender/receiver of the documents wants to avoid the documents as well. There is one important fact needs to be noted that many of the countries are signatory of THE HAGUE CONVENTION. Under “THE HAGUE CONVENTION”, the documents must be server through the judiciary system of the country. There are two types of process services which we conduct:

FORMAL SERVICE: The legal document must be served under the HAGUE CONVENTION and through local Judiciary system of the country. There are few countries in EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA and in SOUTH AMERICA who are signatory of The Hague convention.

INFORMAL SERVICE: As compare to Formal services, we are providing the Informal services widely across the globe. Most of our clients request us to conduct information service through which we send our personal process server to serve the documents to the respondent by hand. In this service, our process server is wholly responsible to serve the documents. Furthermore, it is the widely used method for serving the legal documents, the documents can be of any kind and our servers are available even in the remotest locations across the globe.

AFFIDAVIT SERVICE: Once the document is served, our process server will issue an affidavit which has to be used in litigation process or further legal proceedings.

We have professional process server in India, Pakistan, Dubai UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda as well all African countries. We are also covering entire European countries, as well across the globe.

TRANSLATION SERVICES: We have legal translators available with us where the documents are needed to be translated in local language as per the country rules. Therefore, we also suggest our clients if the documents can be served in English or it is needed to translate in local language. Mostly, Middle East countries needs the local language documents to be served.

Our services of process services are highly professional, and we also recommend our customers the right process as well.

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